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Chic Fair Trade rings, under $5

We're fine with shelling out a few extra dollars for Fair Trade certified style, but when the price tag comes to just $4? It's a no brainer! These painted leather rings, hand made in Indonesia, are the perfect size for…


Fake a glow with this under $5 highlighter

Usually we think of Sephora as a product wonderland that sucks all the money from our bank accounts, but this time we're bringing you a budget-friendly find from the beauty super store. Sephora Collection Light Touch Highlighter costs just $3,…


A longer lasting mani for under $5!

Does it seem like your nails are always chipping right after you finish painting them? The key to a longer lasting manicure is a good base coat and top coat. Seem like way too much time and effort? Fortunately, Sally…


We tried it: Mood Magic color changing lipstick

Your first glimpse at Mood Magic lipstick might make you take a step back. When we first opened them up, we thought – "Woah, yellow, green and blue lipstick?!?". We're all about the brightly colored make up, but these seemed…


Adorable handmade holiday gift tags on Etsy

It doesn't matter what the gift you give is – it's the thought that counts, right? Make your gift seem a little more thoughtful with one of these adorable tags from Etsy. It adds a touch of holiday cheer and…


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