Where Can I Find…

In search of a stylish wallet

Q. I'm so bored with my plain black wallet. For something that I use literally every day, I want to invest in something more stylish that will make me smile every time I take it out of my handbag. Can you recommend some stylish wallets?


Flattering and stylish plus size swimsuits

Q. I'm 30 years old and a size 16. I'm looking for a flattering and stylish swimsuit for the summer, but everywhere I look, the swimsuits in my size look like something my grandmother would wear!


Casual lightweight summer skirts

Q. I'm looking for a casual, lightweight summer skirt to go with cute cotton summer tee shirts and tanks. I would like something that is a slight A-line, in a white or khaki color.


In search of nontraditional wedding dresses

Q. My fiancé and I are eloping and then celebrating with a big party a few weeks later with all of our friends and family. I would like to look "bridal" without wearing a traditional wedding gown. Can you help me find a fun, cocktail-style white dress to wear to my wedding party?


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