The only 5 spring nail polish colors you need

Is there anything more difficult than choosing a nail polish color? I could stare at the options at the salon or the drugstore for hours. But this season we’ve narrowed down the 5 spring nail polish colors that you need to care about. These hues range from bold to classic so you can rock them anywhere, from the beach to the office. The 5 must-have polishes? Here are our picks:

1. Apricot – It’s feminine, but less obvious than pink.

2. Minty Green – Minty blue was so last season. The color was everywhere, but this green is a bright that pops and is pleasantly different.

3. Lavender – This color is so pretty, and is definitely one of our favorite spring pastels.

4. Deep Purple – A dark color for spring? It’s unexpected yet chic, and more appropriate than a black or deep red.

5. Beige – It might sound boring, but an iridescent beige is actually quite sophisticated and will pair well with pastel clothing and brights.

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