7 wearable fall fashion trends

Last week we recapped individual New York Fashion Week shows, but now we’ve had the time to absorb them and figure out the answer to the question on everyone’s minds: what are the big trends for fall? Here are seven trends we noticed that are totally wearable.

1. Sequins

Make it wearable: For nighttime, sequins are a total go. But when you’re trying to tone it down, throw on a business-like blazer.
2. Chunky scarves & sweaters

Make it wearable: Big, chunky sweaters look amazing with skinny jeans and leather boots (belt it to add curves). Wear the cozy scarves with a cardigan and simple tee.
3. Velvet

Make it wearable: Start small, e.g. a velvet handbag or shoes. If you’re feeling adventurous, try tucking a velvet top into a black pencil skirt or wearing a velvet dress with black tights and pumps.
4. Layering

Make it wearable: Layer solid neutrals over each other for a no-fail outfit. For example, try wearing two sheer t-shirts (white and grey) together under a cardigan.
5. Thigh-high socks

Make it wearable: Layer over leggings to avoid looking too risque. 
6. Fur

Make it wearable: A fur collar is always classic and elegant – buy one and wear it with your coat or alone instead of a scarf. To save money, go for faux fur.
7. Maxi Dresses

Make it wearable: Keep the rest of your look (jewelry, accessories, etc.) simple and always wear heels. If you feel like you’re being taken over by the dress, try belting it.

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