A peek behind the curtain of celebrity journalism, starring Selena Gomez


Behind many glossy, enchanting celebrity interviews for anything other than A-List publications, there is a story like this lurking beneath the surface. Most reporters don’t give these sorts of details for fear of alienating themselves from future contacts, or because their editors won’t permit it. But this is more like what most celebrity interviews are like than the descriptions you read in major publications. 

During the interview process with Selena Gomez’s PR team, Toronto Star reporter Viney Menon is told reportedly he can’t ask questions about the topics people are most interested in. This is par for the course when a celeb is promoting a specific project, usually the least talked-about thing about them, and publicists are trying to change that conversation. But that’s just the beginning of the WTF moments in this article full of people who take themselves and their “star” way too seriously. 
None of this is particularly meant to criticize Gomez herself, who is just a product of the generic celebrity machine she’s been part of since childhood and seems like a nice person, or even the people who are just doing their jobs as expected of them. But a little more transparency and perhaps the ability to answer questions thoughtfully instead of with pre-approved sound bites, would probably benefit everyone. 
[Image: PRPhotos]

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