The stylish way to keep all your accessories organized

Do you have drawers of tangled jewelry and accessories? When you travel does your suitcase end up a total disaster/mish mash of clothes? Then these adorable accessory storage bags are for you. Not only are they great tools for staying organized (you’ll never lose anything again), they’ll definitely make you smile every time you’re searching for the perfect necklace, your favorite sunglasses or a colorful pair of ballet flats. A set of 6 canvas bags is ideal for packing, since you can store anything from your swimsuit to underwear to shoes in them. We also love the drawstring canvas pouches that are great for every day organization. They include an eyeglass case, necklace bag, watch bag, bracelet bag, earrings bag and ring bag.

Jill Martin Accessory Storage Bags Jill Martin Accessory Storage Bags

Sets of 6 Jill Martin Accessory Storage Bags – $31 each at QVC

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