Anne Hathway's Oscar dress debacle, or, just because you got your formal dress at BCBG doesn't mean you can't go to Badgley Mischka for prom


I’d say “poor Anne Hathaway” if sympathy for a recent Oscar award winner didn’t seem a little unnecessary. But so does the tizzy everyone is in over the fact that she didn’t wear Valentino to the Oscars as expected. (She wore the Prada dress above.) Yes, she had apparently planned to wear a Valentino gown and has a long history with the house that designed her wedding dress, but it shouldn’t be such a big deal that she changed her mind. The real embarrassment is that Valentino sent out a press release prior to the event saying she’d be wearing one of their designs. But that’s not really Anne’s fault, though she issued this kind apology and explanation. Any girl knows your fashion whims can change at a moment’s notice, and designers don’t own these actresses (most of the time, unless they’re under contract) and they can wear whatever they want! 

[Image: PRPhotos]

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