Ashley Benson wants fans to know she's single


Ashey Benson comes off just as cool as we imagine her to be in her The Insider feature on She talks about loving the clothes on her Nylon shoot, on growing up with Slurpees, which she’s now promoting for 7-11 and being single. 

When asked if there was anything she wanted her fan to know, Benson responded “They can know that I’m single. A lot of sites are saying that I have a boyfriend. I’m a tomboy. I love hanging out with guys. I have a couple girlfriends, but I mostly hang out with guys. I’m not dating all of my friends like those sites say. Oh and – I’m learning the guitar and learning Portuguese!” 
Got that? She’s not going out with James Franco and she’s learning Portuguese. (That’s so something that someone going out with James Franco would do.) 

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