4 tips to make your hairstyle last through the gym

Are you prone to skipping workouts because you don’t want to ruin a good hair day? These 4 tips will help you keep your style through a workout and help you cut down on the number of times a week you wash your hair:

1. Spray on dry shampoo before AND after you hit the gym – It’s true that this miracle worker product helps out when hair looks greasy, but during a workout it’s preventative as well. It will work to absorb sweat on your scalp before it ever transfers to your hair!

2. Avoid the pony tail – while it’s usually a great workout style, a pony tail will only cause a line on your hair and ruin your blow out for the rest of the day. Go with a loose bun or braid (or combination of both) and add a sweat absorbing headband if you can.
3. Don’t touch it! If you are tempted to wipe sweat off your face during your gym session, dab it with a towel instead. Never wipe it with your hair or touch your hair during a work out.
4. Blow dry your scalp. After you wrap up, flip hair upside down and give it a blast of cool air to help sweat evaporate and disappear. Fluff hair up a bit and you’re good to go! 


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