5 ways to reuse your old mascara wand


Time to replace your mascara? Before you toss it in the trash – save that wand! There are so many other ways to use it. Here are 5 of the ways an old mascara wand has helped us out in a pinch:
  • Clean under nails. Put a little nail polish remover on the end, and use the mascara wand to keep your nails clean.
  • Keep your eyebrows in line. A mascara wand can work wonders for your eyebrows! Use it to comb them out, and if they’re particularly unruly spritz on a bit of hairspray first.
  • Tame flyaways. Noticed a few hairs out of place? Comb them back with a little gel or hairspray and your mascara wand.
  • Touch up roots. Need to fix your roots ASAP? Apply dye in small areas more accurately with a mascara wand.
  • Declump mascara and separate lashes. Finally, a use that actually relates to their original purpose! A clean mascara wand is perfect for separating your lashes after mascara application, or removing clumps. 
TIP: Make sure the wand is CLEAN before you do any of these things! Soak it in some water, then use shampoo to get rid of the original product remnants, and other junk. 


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