Beat The Heat with These Cooling Beauty Treats

The dog days of summer are quickly approaching and you know what that means; muggy, steamy heat.  Whether you’re on the waterfront or completely landlocked, even those of you in the so-called “dry heat” states can’t avoid the boil of a mid-July day.  Do your best to stay cool, dry and sweat free with these products that bring on the chill.   

earth-therapeutics-clean-cool-foot-wipes.jpgEarth Therapeutics Clean + Cool Foot Wipes
At the end of the day when our dogs are barking, we kick off our sandals and revive our aching feet with these convenient, portable wipes.  Remove the day’s dirt and grime while tea tree oil and mint provide a pleasant cooling sensation. $7.00,

aveda-botanical-kinetics.jpgAveda Botanical Kinetics Skin Firming/Toning Agent
On those sweltering days when there’s no hope for keeping cool, we pack the travel sized version of Aveda’s popular toner in our bag.  This lightweight spray can be applied at any time of day with no smoothing or patting required.  Just a few spritzes of the rose scented elixir freshens makeup and calms heat induced redness. $9,
jergens-naturals-refresh.jpgJergens Naturals Refresh Daily Moisturizer
Don’t you hate stepping out of the shower on a soggy, humid day only to break out in a sweat that renders the entire process practically useless?  Slather on Refresh Daily Moisturizer and feel the chill from the aloe vera and mint leaf extracts.  It’s light, soothing and quickly sinks in to leave your skin silky not sticky.  $6.99, 

be-kool.jpgBe Kool Soft Gel Sheets for Adults
For immediate relief, when you’re so hot you can stand it, pull out one of these adhesive gel patches and place on the nape of your neck.  The cooling gel wicks away moisture and heat from your body and can instantly drop your body temp up to 4 degrees with no refrigeration needed.  They’re inexpensive, easy to tote and a sure fire way to combat those scorching summer temps.  $4.49,

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