Budget Beauty Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2

Last week we picked out four great beauty gifts for less than $25, and this week we have four more. Showing friends and family you care during the holidays doesn’t have to empty your wallet!

1. Stila Peach Kisses Trio ($13.99 at BeautyTicket.com) – This kit contains Stila Lip Glaze in Peach, Stila Lip Gloss in Peach Shine, and Stila Lip Pot in Amande – all of which would cost $a whole lot more if purchased separately in a department store. This gift is for the lip gloss addict in your circle of friends!
2. Sephora Brand Flashy Liner Waterproof Gift Set ($20 at Sephora) – If you have a friend or relative who likes to get funky with her make up, then this set is for her. It contains seven trendy metallic shades she can experiment with all year long.
3. Smashbox Heartbreaker Rollerball Fragrance ($22 at Nordstrom) – A nice-smelling fragrance is always a great gift, but a spray bottle can be pretty pricey. Roll on fragrances, like this one, are less expensive and a little more subtle – perfect for girls who are looking for a light scent.
4. DuWop Twilight Lip Venom ($16 at drugstore.com) – While we can’t promise this venom will transform mortals into vampires, we can promise that it will moisturize, plump and add color to your lips. This is a great gift for the diehard Twilight fan in your group of friends!

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