Easy trick: fix dead ends without a salon trip

fix split ends at home thumb.jpgCold, winter weather and too much time between trims can leave your hair feeling like straw. Don’t have time for a hairdresser appointment? Here’s a trick to fix your dead ends at home.

If you have a flat iron, cover the plates with aluminum foil and set it to 250 degrees. Apply a deep conditioning treatment to your damp hair, and then run the iron over it from the middle to the ends. Yes, this is the one and only time we’re allowing you to use a flat iron when hair is wet – just don’t miss out on that step with the aluminum foil!
Why does this trick work so well? The heat allows conditioner to penetrate hair completely, so you’ll look like you just stepped out of the salon once it dries.
Here are some of our favorite deep conditioning treatments that will help you achieve silky soft strands:

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