Going on Vacation? Don't forget SPF!

You should be wearing SPF year-round anyways, but it’s especially important to load up for your tropical winter vacation (P.S. I’m jealous!). Make sure you don’t miss any spots: face, body, ears, lips, etc. Here are some affordable beauty essentials to stick in your suitcase to protect your skin and keep you looking fabulous in that brand new bikini all week long:

1. You probably have sunscreen left over from the summer, but to be safe, toss it and buy a new bottle. Sunscreen can expire after a year, and lose effectiveness if it melts.
2. To avoid breakouts, use an oil-free sunscreen on your face.
3. To keep lips from getting burnt, remember to continuously reapply a lip balm with SPF 15.
4. Don’t forget your scalp and hair! Sun can damage your hair, and dry out your scalp. Use a lightweight hair spray with SPF for protection.

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