How To Apply Concealer

Too often I see girls with cakey concealer all over their face. Here’s how to apply it for a natural, flawless face.

1. Buy the right shade. Test the concealer on the underside of your forearm, and if it blends in correctly it’s the perfect shade for you.
2. Cover up under eye circles. Dot the concealer under your eyes and tap it with one finger until it blends in (make sure your hands are clean before using them to apply make up).
3. Cover up uneven parts of your skin. Continue to put a dot of concealer on uneven parts of your skin and tap it until it blends. This is better than rubbing, which can irritate the skin and move the concealer onto parts of your face that don’t need it.
4. Set your concealer. Use a translucent powder and a brush to set your concealer in place.
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