How To Cover Up a Blemish

139888-main_Full.jpgIt’s almost the weekend, and you’re so ready to go out and have fun. Maybe you have a hot date planned, or you’re heading to a concert with friends. You definitely do not have room in your plans for acne! In case a blemish pops up, here are some tips on how to cover it correctly.

1. Pick a yellow/green-tinted concealer to cover up red blemishes. We suggest Physician’s Formula Concealer Twins ($6.95 at because it contains both green and skin-colored concealer. Use the regular concealer to cover up scars or other marks.
2. Use your finger to apply a dot of concealer to the blemish. Then “tap,” don’t rub, the concealer until it blends in.
3. Apply powder to set the concealer, and you’re good to go! Our favorite pressed powder is Neutrogena Healthy Skins Blend ($10.99 at

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