How to make a pony tail look glam


If you’re getting tired of wearing your hair down every day, try doing a ponytail! And not the kind you rock at the gym. There are two ways to glam up a basic pony: with volume, and with cute hair accessories.
To get a voluminous ponytail like Jennifer Aniston’s that looks chic but still casual, you’re going to need some amazing hair spray. Start with clean, dry hair. Pull your hour up as if making a half ponytail, and spray the top layer in the back from underneath with your hair spray. Let the spray dry before letting hair down. Repeat with different sections of the back of your hair until you have a decent amount of volume. Next, sweep hair back into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Spray the bump again so when you tighten your pony it won’t separate. To tighten, separate your ponytail into to layers (top and bottom). Tighten only the bottom layer. Complete the look with a final spritz of hair spray.

If you don’t have time to craft the perfect pony, a simple one can easily be glammed up with a fabulous headband. Here are some of our favorite pieces:

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