Keep your cool: 3 hot weather beauty tips

Summer-Beauty-Tips---Hot-Weater---Thumb.jpgFeeling like the summer heat is melting your face off? Stay cool with these three quick beauty tips:

  •  Store the following products in the fridge: moisturizing cream, perfume and after-sun products. They’ll be refreshingly cool when you apply them, and you’ll be protecting them from heat damage. When perfume gets too hot, the scent can change. 
  • Stash a cooling powder or spray in your bag. MAC’s “Magically Cool” liquid powder ($30 at Macy’s) is a light formula made of 70% water that will feel like a cooling mist on your skin. When you’re overheating, apply the powder to set your foundation and keep your make up from melting away. Prefer a facial spray? We love Urban Decay Chill Make Up Setting Spray ($29 at Ulta), which keeps things in place while cooling down skin.
Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 10.53.28 PM.png
  • Use a smudge-proof liner. Avoid raccoon eyes with waterproof liner. Our go-to is Make up For Ever Aqua Eyes ($18 at Sephora), which has a combination of silicone emollients and waxes that keep it in place despite sweat or water. 

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