Natural makeup looks for family parties

natural makeup.jpgIf you don’t feel like listening to your grandmother tell you to wipe off some of the heavy eyeliner or you don’t think your aunt is going to get your Lady Gaga-esque nail art, you might want to go with a pretty yet natural look for family holiday get togethers. 

Here are some ideas that are sure to be family crowd pleasers while keeping you looking fabulous for all those photos you won’t be able to escape!
  • Avoid anything too dramatic and stick with a basic mascara, like Laura Mercier Waterproof Mascara ($20 at Sephora). If you have blonde or light colored hair, you might want to go with a brown shade instead of bold black.
  • The same color philosophy goes for eye liner as well – brown will definitely look more natural than black, while still highlighting your eyes!
  • On your lids, stick to a natural hue and avoid anything dramatic like blue or sparkles. We love Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection palette ($36 at Sephora).
  • Red lipstick is bold but classic, meaning women of all ages and backgrounds can appreciate it. So if you’re going bold, go red! Try Revlon Colorbust Lip in True Red ($8.99 at Ulta).
  • Otherwise, stick with a peach-colored gloss or natural lipstick. One of our faves is Smashbox Lip Enhaning Sheer Color Gloss in Baby Pout ($18 at Ulta).
  • A touch of blush or bronzer never hurt anyone, just avoid all over sparkles.
  • Don’t cake on the foundation! Instead, use a tinted moisturizer for an all over natural glow.
Happy Turkey Day!natural-makeup_thumb_2011.jpg

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