Nice Package – Products with Genius Form and Function

We’re a sucker for gorgeous looking beauty products as much as the next girl but it’s when you combine high style with creativity that we line up to buy.  We’ve selected our must-haves that not only look fab and work well but come in crafty casings too.

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss
This is one gloss you won’t want to put down, the tube is beyond brilliant. It’s flat, designed to easily slip in your pocket, and topped with a totally hot guy who strips down to his skivvies as you move it up and down.  Oh yeah and the gloss is great too.  It smells of delicious creme brulee and is super moisturizing on the lips.

DKNY-be-delicious-key-chain.jpgDKNY Be Delicious Key Chain
If you’re looking for an easy way to tote around your favorite perfume, try this gorgeous key chain on for size.  Inside you’ll find a solid version of DKNY’s popular Be Delicious apple infused fragrance.  A perfect scent for summer that’s convenient and totally chic.

tweezerman-zip-file.jpgTweezerman Zip File
Have you ever reached in your purse only to bump into a nail file and essentially wreck your manicure?  Or how about when you purposely dig it out only to find it encrusted in filth from whatever is living in your handbag?  Tweezerman’s new Zip File eliminates those problems in a flash.  Housed in a protective plastic sleeve, the file emerges with a simple sliding motion and its case becomes a convenient handle.  Clever, no?

stila-smokey-eyes-original-talking-palette.jpgStila Smokey Eyes Talking Palette
Everyone loves a smokey eye but achieving it isn’t an easy task.  Stila has taken the guesswork out of the look with this ingenious talking palette of four perfectly paired eye shadows. Push the button and hear step-by-step instructions that walk you through the process in the comfort of your own vanity.  It’s like having your own personal makeup artist to guide you.

shu-uemura-nail-enamel.jpgShu Uemura Nail Enamel
When Shu Uemura created this bottle it wasn’t just about style but function as well.  The lines are clean with a rounded triangle shape that fits comfortably between your fingers.  Allowing you to quickly polish without causing a catastrophic spill. 

modelco-lip-lights.jpgModelCo Lip Lights Ultra Shine Gloss
Every time we touch up our gloss in a car vanity mirror we curse the poor lighting which is why we love Lip Lights.  Unscrew the cap and a pair of bright LED lights turn on.  Using the convenient attached mirror, you’re glossed to perfection in a snap.  $28,

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