Product Review: Nivea Gradual Tan Moisturizer


Does your skin get extremely pale in the winter? We all know tanning is extremely harmful and causes cancer, but alternative self tanners usually turn you orange. Spray tans are a slightly better option, but I personally like to avoid being pale one day and then super tan the next. So I decided to try out Nivea Sun-Kissed Gradual Tan Lotion for face and legs. The product claims that if you apply it daily, you will gradually become tan (Not “Jersey Shore” tan, but natural-looking tan).
So for two weeks I dutifully applied the lotion post-shower. After two weeks, I did notice that my skin looked a little darker and had a “glow.” 
But there are cons to this product. First of all, it added a lot of extra time to my morning routine. It takes a long time to apply, and then you have to wait 10 minutes to put your clothes on. The second con is that it does not smell good. It smells like chemicals, which is not what I want to cover my body with right before I head out the door.
Bottom line: This product works, but I’d suggest putting it on at night, then showering in the morning to remove the smell!
Nivea Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs Gradual Tan Moisturizer, $9.99 at

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