Stick It – The Lacquer Free Nail Trend

megan-fox-minx-nails.jpgOne of the biggest nail trends to hit the celebrity circuit has nothing at all to do with polish but rather stickers, more specifically Minx NailsMegan Fox recently donned a set of mirror-like gold Minx for the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen premiere and over the past year stars like Beyonce, Pink, Rihanna and Blake Lively have all been spotted wearing these unique nail enhancements.

Unlike traditional lacquer, Minx is a special coating that is heated then adhered to the nail and trimmed to create a custom fit.  What makes Minx special is the various patterns, custom designs and, their most popular product, gold & silver chrome.  You’ll find plaids, polka dots, fishnets and even President Obama’s face in the Minx lineup of over 150 looks. 

minx-nail-patterns.jpgMinx can only be applied by a professional and prices start at $40, depending on your location and design choice.  Services include a partial manicure to prep the nails and with proper care they can last anywhere from 7-14 days.  Head to the Minx website to find a salon near you.

The bonus of a sticker style manicure is the lack of drying time and tip wear which makes this type of nail color ideal for toes, especially in winter.  Though if you don’t have access to a Minx technician or you’re looking for something more affordable, there’s another great solution at Sephora.

sephora-nail-patch-black-strass-1.jpgThe Sephora Nail Patch is very similar to Minx.  The only downside being the lack of patterns and colors Minx offers.  But for an inexpensive manicure that doesn’t require dry time, won’t chip and lasts more than a few days, it’s an excellent option.

Application tip: Use a glass nail file to remove the excess length from the free edge.  It creates a clean, smooth finish. $8,

We went gaga over the Black Strass patches (pictured) which look like crushed black diamonds on the nail.  You’d never guess it’s not actually polish. $5,    

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