StyleBakeryTeen's guide to makeup brushes

Are you guilty of using the wrong makeup brush (or no brushes at all)? With so many different shapes and sizes, which brush to use for what can get confusing. You might think it doesn’t matter, but it does – professional make up artists swear by the right brushes. Here’s a handy guide to keep you up-to-date on the right tools!

Powder brush – Your powder brush is used to basically dust your face with pressed powder, so it should be soft but big and round. We suggest the Eco Tools Powder Brush ($8.99 at because it’s big enough to get a good amount of coverage but contoured for perfect application.
Blush brush – The brush that comes with your blush should NOT be used – it’s usually never the right shape or size. When shopping for a blush brush, look for a full, round one so that you will be able to get the makeup right in the center of it. For example, try the Bare Escentuals Full Flawless Face Brush ($28 at Sephora).
Eyeliner brushes – Eye liner brushes are necessary when you’re using powder or cream liners. They are usually short and square and feel hard (so that they can draw a precise line). Elf has a great eyeliner brush for only $1.00. If you’re looking for good brushes on a budget, check out the rest of their selection.
Foundation brushes – Foundation brushes are really essential for use with liquid foundation. Using your fingers can add bacteria to your skin, causing breakouts. A foundation brush is flat and relatively firm, so you can apply make up flawlessly. We suggest the Clinique Foundation Brush ($30 at
Eye shadow brushes – In most cases, the brush that comes with your eye shadow will work. But in case you misplaced it or want a different one, we suggest Bare Escentuals Tapered Shadow Brush ($14 at Sephora). Because it’s tapered, you can apply your shadow exactly how you want it. Plus, this brush doubles as an eye liner brush.
If you’d prefer to buy your brushes together in a kit, Sephora has a great brush roll that easily fits inside your purse or larger make up bag. It includes a blush/powder brush, foundation brush, eye shadow smudger, brow/liner brush, and lip/concealer brush for $58.

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