Traveling for the holidays? Get this brush wand!

Sephora_Collection_Brush_Wand.jpgWhen you’re packing for a winter vacation or trip to visit out-of-town relatives during the holidays, it would definitely be impractical to pack up your entire beauty kit. I mean, are you really going to need an entire brush set and a different shade of eye shadow every day? Probably not.

But since we hate to be left without something we wish we’d packed, we adore all-in-one products that we can just toss in the suitcase. For example, the Sephora Collection Brush Wand ($10). 
It’s basically four detachable eye make up brushes that come together magnetically as one. You’ll be able to create a range of eye looks, easily changing out the brush tip to achieve the exact look you want. How convenient is that?

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