How to create summer's trendiest hairstyle: the topknot


Elizabeth Banks sported a topknot at the MTV Movie Awards, and her polished style inspired us to try the trendy ‘do ourselves this week. A topknot is the perfect summer hair style since it keeps hair off of your face and neck when it’s hot, and avoids the whole humidity issue altogether. Not only that, but this style is super easy to pull off in just a few quick steps:

  1. Pull your hair back into a sleek high ponytail using a thick elastic hair band.
  2. Divide your hair into two sections and wind them around each other starting at the base of your ponytail.
  3. Wind your twisted hair around the base of your ponytail until you have a classic topknot, and secure with bobby pins.
  4. Secure any flyaways with bobby pins and finish with hairspray for long lasting hold.

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