We tried it: Mood Magic color changing lipstick

mood_magic_lipstick_2012.pngYour first glimpse at Mood Magic lipstick might make you take a step back. When we first opened them up, we thought – “Woah, yellow, green and blue lipstick?!?”. We’re all about the brightly colored make up, but these seemed more suited to Halloween. But after applying the shades, you’ll see that they go on clear and then begin to change into a different color – your perfect color, in fact. The lipstick works with your body to become your perfect shade of pink (green), mauve (blue), or coral (yellow). They also contain Aloe Vera to soften and moisturize lips, so you’ll get the benefits of a pretty color and softness. Our testers tried out all three shades and loved the flattering colors that resulted!

Click here to shop Mood Magic lipsticks, $2.99 each.Mood_Magic_lipstick_thumb.jpg

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