Bienvenue a Paris! Eyeing Eiffel Tower Goodies

Bienvenue a Paris! Or, more specifically, to the Eiffel Tower. The famed landmark has been popping up on everything from T-shirts to hoodies to necklaces. Why not plan a little trip to the City of Light by slipping on one of these goodies?

Alloy Paris Tee.jpgParis Tee
A teeny heather gray tee is oh-so-chic with the Eiffel Tower printed across it.
$19.50 at

Delias Paris Tee.jpgParis Life Tee
Life in Paris wouldn’t be so bad with the scene splashed across this skinny tee.
$24.50 at

Boho Chic Top.jpgBoho Chic Paris Print Top
Wander the streets of Paris — or just pretend to be — when you wander about town wearing a Paris-printed tee.
$85 at

Junk Food Paris Hoodie.jpgJunk Food Paris Eiffel Tower Hoody
From the front, it’s just another unassuming white sweatshirt. From the back? It’s totally of-the-moment cool.
$33 at

Juicy Couture Charm.jpgJuicy Couture Eiffel Tower Charm
Add a little dash of flair and pizazz to your charm bracelet with this cubic zirconia-accented miracle.
$52 at

Lulus Eiffel Earrings.jpgLe Tour Eiffel Earrings
Choose from gold or silver and let the landmark dangle from your ears in total style.
$5 at

La Mer Watch Charm.jpgLa Mer Paris Charm Watch
This handcrafted masterpiece is created with soft leather straps, a splash-resistant case and — the piece de resistance — the Eiffel Tower, but of course.
$95 at

Girlprops Eiffel Pin.jpgVintage Paris Pin
Snap this onto a jacket, pair with skinny jeans and look absolutely perfect, mon cherie.
$6.99 at

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