Bratty Beyonce bans photogs from Ms. Carter tour

Beyonce_meme.jpgBeyonce, let’s be real. You’re one of the most gorgeous women on the planet. We all know this. That’s why it was so amusing when some unflattering photos were circulated after your Superbowl performance since you know every single millisecond was a shutter snap up in that joint. You were making some funny faces. Haha. Who cares? Then you had to go and get all Queen B and try to ban the unflattering photos from the internet. For real? Do you know how the internet works? It laughed heartily and it became the edict that spawned a million memes. Now, in punishment for our insolence, she’s pulling Supreme Commandress status and banning all professional photographers from her Mrs. Carter tour. Dude. At your professional gigs is where the photographers belong. We’d get behind you banning them from your front lawn or outside the hotel you’re trying to leave with your family. But when you’re onstage, you’re pretty much public property.

Betcha wish you banned photos of your trip to Cuba though, don’t ya? Just go where you want, live off our accolades and then ban photography of your professional performances and we’ll still bend and scrape to buy your albums. And that’s probably how it will go down. This sort of celebrity entitlement is gross. Grow up, B.

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