Celebrities take to social media to sound off on marriage equality


If you’ve noticed a lot of people on your Facebook feed changing their profile picture to that red equal sign, it’s because the Supreme Court is voting today and tomorrow on two important same-sex marriage cases that will set precedent for the future of national law. There’s a good rundown on Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, the two cases in question, and what the verdicts could mean here.

Kristen Bell, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Sophia Bush, Lena Dunham, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga and lots more have voiced their support of gay marriage on various social media today.
“Today, the Supreme court is hearing 1 of the most important cases in history, dont sleep on it #equalitymatters,” Bell tweeted.
Girls star and creator Lena Dunham joked, “Would love to pop by Supreme Court & present a slideshow of all the gay people I know who are beautifully married .” She has recently said in an interview that she doesn’t want to get married until same-sex couples have the same rights.
Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale retweeted the following: “I’m a straight Christian woman who believes in gay marriage. Those two things are NOT mutually exclusive. Hoping for a historic day today!”
The other side of the fence hasn’t been too outspoken on social media today, as no one is reporting on celebrities supporting traditional marriage.

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