Choosing The Right Pair of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a necessity for keeping your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but choosing the most flattering pair for your face is also important. In general, the size of your sunglasses should be proportionate to the size of your face. That means if your face is small, you’re eye wear should be small as well. The shape of the frames should contrast the shape of your face. Is your face mostly round? Go with square or angular frames. Here are some more specific tips:

If your face is oval shaped:
Most styles will look good on you, but square frames with slightly rounded edges will work best.
1. Banana Republic ‘Etta’ Sunglasses $98
2. Charlotte Russe Oversized Round Sunglasses $5.99
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Metal Tipped Oversized Square Sunglasses at Nordstrom $98
If your face is square:
Choose oval shaped frames, which will contrast with and balance out the sharp angles of your face. Avoid square and rectangular frames.
1. Daisy Fuentes Oval Sunglasses at Kohl’s $26
2. David Yurman Waverly Sunglasses at Saks $325
3. Ray-Ban “Ritual” Plastic Sunglasses at Dillard’s $89
If your face is round:
Long, angular frames will be slimming and help to elongate your face. Avoid round styles.
1. Kate Spade ‘Priscilla’ Print Sunglasses at Nordstrom $148
2. Fossil “Whitney” Oversized Sunglasses at Dillard’s $36.85
3. Charlotte Russe Cat Eye Sunglasses $5.99
If your face is diamond shaped:
Go for frames that are round or have well-rounded edges. Avoid extreme angles.
1. Banana Republic ‘Sarena’ Sunglasses $78
2. Jimmy Choo Shiny Black ‘Charley’ Studded Aviators at Bluefly $150
3. Liz Claiborne Hana Plastic Frames $30

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