Dree Hemingway prefers prefers Fitzgerald


We’ll all be pulling out our copies of The Great Gatsby in advance of the movie’s release, but apparently Dree Hemingway has always favored the tome to her great grandfather Ernest Hemingway’s work. 

“I have a hard time finding something that I really enjoy reading, but I read The Great Gatsby every summer,” she told the Telegraph. “Once in an interview with V magazine I said that I preferred Fitzgerald to Hemingway. I think that Hemingway is an amazing writer, but by being related to him, I had it in my head that I had to like him. I’m quite a stubborn person, so I just rejected it. But his writing is very masculine, and I’m very feminine in the way I think, so I’m not going to back down on that statement.”
[Source; Image: PRPhotos]

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