Is Selena Gomez stupid enough to get back together with Justin Bieber?


Most of the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez reunion rumors have been pretty flimsy — they had tour dates in the same country at the same time! — but this latest report has me concerned. Now, before I throw shade on Selena for possibly going back to a losery ex, we’ve all done it and maybe it’s just the place she’s in right now. The two obviously had something that brought them together in the first place. (Beyond publicists, youth and beauty?? Perhaps.) I’m not going to hate on something because I don’t understand it. But Selena seems like such a bright, intelligent girl and her “Bieber breakup press tour” has held some of her most endearing moments. Meanwhile, he has just been getting in more and more trouble and constantly partying amidst allegations of drug and alcohol abuse. So hopefully, this photo posted to Justin’s Instagram account and quickly deleted, was either old or contains a Selena look-alike. But who knows?

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