Keep Your Ears Warm Without Sacrificing Style

Thanks to our friends at CollegeCandy, check out this list of super chic, and more importantly, WARM, options for your noggin. Yes, it is possible to stay warm and keep the hair intact.

1. A Beret or Beanie
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Since berets popped on the scene, they have been unstoppable! They are a much better option than a baseball cap in the summer and now, like this one on the left, come in a variety of thick, warm knits for winter. With it’s chunky cables and generous size, it will most certainly keep your ears from freezing on a cold winter’s day. Plus, this one from Urban Outfitters comes in eight different colors, so go ahead and stock up! You can look fresh and cute all season long.

The Beanie. An undeniable classic. Popular among jocks, skaters and gang-members alike, it serves its function perfectly; to keep your head warm! This year Volcom has released an updated version that I find irresistible! With its quirky mix of colors and loose fit, the Blizzard Beanie is sure to fit into an eclectic wardrobe. Bonus: The loose fit also ensures that your hair with stay bouncy and perfect, instead of getting flattened like the typical winter hat.

2. A Ski Cap

Apres ski is always a go-to look for celebrities. Rosy cheeks, windblown hair, fashionable outerwear and – to top it all off – the perfect ski hat, just like this one (left) by Mischa Lambert. Featuring super chunky yarn, crocheted tight to ensure heat retention, ear flaps AND cute pom-poms! It comes in black and white, so it is guaranteed to match your favorite jacket, not matter the color.

Free People’s Norway Love Earflap Hat puts a totally different spin on this shape. Playful and colorful, this hat alone can be the centerpiece of your outfit. Perfect for braving the slopes or the walk to class.

3. Earmuffs


An often overlooked headwear option, earmuffs are not just for little girls anymore. Earmuffs are the perfect winter option because they keep you warm without messing up that perfectly coiffed ‘do. Two of our favorite earmuff makers are Juicy Couture and UGG Australia. The Juicy ones (left) are cute and fluffy; perfect for the fashionista. The UGG earmuffs (right) are made of their signature shearling, giving them a sportier (and totally toasty) look.

4. A Hood or Hooded Scarf


Now here is something different! If you consider yourself fashion forward or like to stand out in the crowd, how about opting for a hood? They keep your whole head warm and manage to set you apart from the rest of your peers who are all wearing hats. This Eugenia Kim hood (left) is super chic and it’s thick yarn and giant ribbing are sure to keep frost-bite at bay!

Another option along these lines is a hooded scarf. Somewhat of a hat/scarf hybrid, hooded scarves are popping up everywhere! Urban Outfitters is carrying several styles this season, and depending on the style you choose you can totally change your look. The navy and grey rugby stripes give off a slightly masculine edge while the fluffy white loops are ultra-feminine!

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