Keep Your Soles Sandal Worthy

What’s the point of shelling out your hard earned dollars for a spa pedicure if you don’t maintain it?  Whether your tootsies are tended to at the salon or you’re a DIY pedicurist, without proper care all that hard work goes down the drain in a hurry.  Daily sandal wear exposes your heels, toes and skin to the elements that work against you, turning your fresh pedi into a cracked, scaly nightmare right quick.  Follow our favorite tricks for extending the life of your pedicure and your feet will thank you.  We promise!

Heel Therapy
titania-foot-file.jpgTitania Double Foot File
Where your heels are concerned, your best defense is a good offense.  A few seconds with a double sided foot file each day will free you from dreaded calluses.  We hang ours in the shower and just before turning off the water, we give our feet a quick scrub.  Waiting until the end ensures that the skin has had adequate time to soak and soften.  $3.49,

Cuticle Care

sephora-cuticle-care-pen.jpgSephora Cuticle Care Pen
What’s the #1 telltale sign of an aging pedicure?  Parched, crusty cuticles.  Cut that white, hardened skin off at the path with this portable, handy treatment.  We have one just for our toes that we carry in our purse to moisturize on the go.  Twist out the creamy, non-greasy formula for immediate dry skin relief. $12,

Overnight Treatment

opi-feet-earth-therapeutics-aloe-socks.jpgOPI Feet Callus Therapy and Earth Therapeutics Aloe Socks
Rather than apply a greasy foot cream in the morning and slide in your flip flops all day, treat your tootsies overnight in a pair of moisturizing socks.  These nylon socks are infused with aloe for additional hydration.  Slather on a layer of citrus scented OPI Feet with fruit enzymes to exfoliate and soften skin, slip on the socks and allow the moisture to penetrate as you snooze.  OPI Feet – $14.95, Aloe Socks – $8.00,

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