Kendall Jenner gets the NYTimes' blessing for modeling career


The NYTimes seems to have given Kendall Jenner its blessing in a profile on the young Keeping Up With the Kardashians star

“She is taking her modeling seriously,” the paper notes. “The plot twist is that unlike other celebrity/aspiring models, Ms. Jenner actually has the raw material. She has big doe eyes, shiny dark hair and full lips. She is 5 feet 10 inches, very slender and very leggy. She has a real shot, even without her family connections. ‘She won the genetic lottery,’ said Russell James, a fashion photographer who has worked with her.” 
True, Jenner has appeared on the cover of some bona fide fashion mags like Seventeen and Australia’s Miss Vogue. Kendall and Kylie are among my favorite of the Kardashian clan, and seem to have good heads on their shoulders. 

[Source; Image: PRPhotos]

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