Kim Kardashian spends over $100,000 per year on beauty treatments alone


Love her or hate her, most people agree that Kim Kardashian is genetically blessed. What does she do with all that natural beauty? Treats the heck out of it. The UK’s Daily Mail reports that the reality-television star spends a truly sickening amount on beauty treatments – around $8,600 per month. This is shocking not only in its excess but also because Kim must also get a staggering amount of beauty products and treatments for free. 

 Please, the next time you’re feeling crappy about yourself or wistfully gazing at a magazine cover wishing you could have Kardashian’s complexion or eyelashes, just remember her beauty costs thousands of dollars. For a person who could probably look better than 95% of people for free. 
[Source: Daily Mail; Image: PRPhotos]

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