Kristen Stewart's bizarre (lame?) birthday


It sounds like Kristin Stewart’s birthday was a combination of the dream birthday of a 12-year-old in 1993 or a middle-aged antiquities professor in 1893. She and Robert Pattinson hit up a Hanson record release party and he gave her a fountain pen? I’m not one to throw shade on what other people do for fun, I’ve been known to go to museums or what have you for my birthday. But that is just such a weird description of her birthday to have leaked to the press. I mean, sure, the Robert Pattinson part appeals to most people attracted to men. That’s a given. But, IDK, couldn’t you throw in a fancy restaurant, or conversely a stop at a taco truck, an ironic trip to laser tag? Give us something to aspire to, KStew.
[Source; Image: PRPhotos]

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