Love it or hate it: Bella Thorne’s vampy Amityville makeup

From Disney doll to Amityville horror star! Bella Thorne recently signed on to play a role in the upcoming 2015 Amityville thriller. And while she hasn’t started filming just yet, she has been getting into character with hair and makeup tests. The 16-year-old debuted her dark new look on Instagram this week.

“Makeup test from my new movie #Amityville looking forward to starting production next week! It’s a little dark…I know. A new character to try out… #twc #deimensionfilms,” she commented beneath the pic.

Well, it definitely is dark, but truth be told, we kind of like Bella’s vampy makeup. Tell us, what do you think of her deep, dark burgundy pout and super smoky eyes?

image via Instagram

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