Love it or hate it? Kendall Jenner’s giant Coachella nose ring

We’ve definitely seen our fair share of wild festival style, but Kendall Jenner’s giant nose ring may just take the cake! The reality star rocked out at Coachella this weekend with a big ‘ole hoop dangling from her nose, and we’re pretty sure it was also attached to her ear. She kept the rest of her outfit pretty basic, sporting cutoff jean shorts with a white tube top and matching Converse sneakers.

While it’s a little much, Kendall somehow manages to pull the giant gypsy-style nose ring off. Would her outfit have looked better without it though? We’re undecided, so tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Jennifer D

    Hate – I keep thinking something’s going to get caught on it and rip it out. Shudder.

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