Mother Monster, control your brood! A Gaga/Kelly Osbourne fued!


Another case of girl on girl crime. It seems Lady Gaga’s fans have been pretty harsh on Kelly Osbourne lately, according to Kelly, saying she should kill herself or get raped. Not okay. Everrrrrrrr. Because when people, especially women, toss off these types of comments it normalizes it and makes it okay for other people, especially men, to say them – and that’s how we get the “Steubenville rape crew.” (If you’re unaware of this story, please ask a parent or trusted adult to talk to you about it.) 

Gaga has responded with an open letter to Osbourne, criticizing her work on E’s Fashion Police. She says the hosts, including Osbourne and Joan Rivers “point at the camera laughing, and making jokes about artists and celebrities as if we are zoo animals.” 
It seems the two celebrities, who have both talked about bullying in their own pasts and had their beginnings in non-mainstream culture, could easily find a common ground … but that hasn’t happened yet. Sharon Osbourne, Kelly’s mother, has now issued an open letter to Gaga, asking her to ask her fans to speak more kindly.

Speaking more kindly is generally a good idea. Let’s all, shall we? 

[Images: PRPhotos]

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