New Year, (Some) Same Fashion Trends

New year, new wardrobe? Not so fast. Many of 2009’s top trends will stay popular throughout 2010. Here are four trends that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon:
1. Sequins can be worn for day and night this year. Replace a cardigan with a sequin blazer, or wear sparkly flats instead of heels.
2. Despite the moans and groans of numerous fashion critics, many labels like Balmain featured padded shoulders in their resort, spring and pre-fall 2010 collections. If you’re not ready to go all the way with this look, try a puffed or ruffled shoulder.
3. The biker chic look will also be hot this year. Wear leather jackets, motorcycle boots, and studded accessories if you want to embrace this trend.

4. Leggings became a wardrobe staple in 2009, and in 2010 they will be bolder than ever. Branch out from classic black and try a fun pattern or cutouts.

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