Harry Styles get a new tattoo, band gets in trouble for encouraging fans to follow suit

Harry_Styles_Vday.jpgOne Direction heartthrob Harry Styles has gotten a new tattoo of a butterfly below his chest, sparking quite the controversy. Styles mother has been outspoken that his tattoo habit, he has 30, is getting out of control. Some fans suggest that tattoo and placement suggest a homosexual symbol, which apparently bothers some of them for some reason. 

But the biggest frenzy came when the band tweeted a request for fans to send them a video of their One Direction tattoos for inclusion in the upcoming One Direction movie. Well parents and the media went crazy since so many of the band’s fans are young tweens and teens. While I’m a proponent of tattoo culture, I can see their concern about really young kids getting a tattoo they may not be into in a few years as they mature.

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