Our Latest Beauty Lusts

Wondering which new products we’re completely enamored with?  We’ve been combing the beauty closet, testing new beauty goodies and like cream, these products rose to the top.  We have new staples in our beauty wardrobe and once you try them, you will too.

vs-pink-lotion.jpgVictoria’s Secret Pink Nourishing Body Lotion
If you’ve ever wondered what “pink” smells like, take a whiff of this yummy super hyrdrating lotion.  Its sweet, bakery-esque scent is girly but not cloying though we can’t promise it won’t leave you craving cupcakes.  $15, victoriassecret.com

nubar-matte.jpgNubar V for Men Matte Finish Top Coat
The latest trend in nails is the matte finish and while there are new matte polishes on the market, we’re obsessed with Nubar’s V For Men top coat so we can mattify all our favorite shades. $8.99, bynubar.com

marc-jacobs-cucumber.jpgMarc Jacobs Splash in Cucumber
At a whopping 10 ounces, this clean summer fragrance is an amazing buy.  We love its sophisticated blend of green and floral scents so much, we’d jump on it at half the size.  And don’t let the name “splash” fool you, this baby has staying power.  $68, sephora.com

klorane-dry-shampoo.jpgKlorane Gentle Dry Shampoo
Washing your hair every day is so drying but during the hot sweaty summer months, it can be torture going a day or more between shampooing.  Then Klorane entered our life.  Spray this dry shampoo on your roots and brush through to instantly refresh your hairstyle, soak up any excess oil and add a fresh scent to your tresses  $18, sephora.com

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