Photography prodigy Olivia Bee shoots Girls star Zosia Mamet


18-year-old photography prodigy Olivia Bee has been making a name for herself by shooting ad campaigns for brands ranging from Converse to Hermes, and recently shot Girls star Zosia Mamet for The New York Times Magazine

“I’m an assertive person and I know what I want. And I’m going to get what I want if I can. I know how to do that. Being 18 and a girl can be really hard. People don’t take me seriously – until they see me work. Sometimes, even if they’ve seen my work, they’re still nervous and have to convince their client it’s OK, or they have to lie about it,” she told The Guardian. “Obviously it’s probably hard to trust me straightaway. I know I’m good at my job and I know someone could put any prop in front of me and I could shoot it in a way I think is successful. But it’s still hard. Most photos in advertising are shot by 50-year-old men and I’m not a 50-year-old man.” 

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