How to protect your hair this summer

Protect Your Hair This Summer

Jumping in the pool, surfing the waves and laying out in the sun are all things to get excited about this summer. But they’re also all things that can sneakily damage your hair. Chlorine and salt can be drying, and harmful UV rays can alter your color. So how can you protect your locks? By slathering on a frizz-fighting, moisturizing oil. Oil is no longer the enemy when it’s in your hair! Apply it to dry strands and then twist your hair into a top knot or braid. As a bonus, the sun’s heat will help the oil penetrate even deeper, leaving your hair deliciously soft and silky after the next wash. For the perfect beach day style, we love Phytoplage Protective Sun Oil ($28 at, which is waterproof.

Phytoplage Sun Oil


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