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Headbands of all kinds are really in right now, thanks to Leighton Meester’s character Blair Waldorf on “Gossip Girl.” Headbands are simple accessories which can make you look instantly 10x cuter. Plus, they can hide those greasy roots you have from living in the library this week sans showers.

Headbands with bows are really girly and youthful. While they can look a little childish, worn with the right things they can make your outfit look polished. Blair Waldorf (above), for example, pairs her headband with a sophisticated blazer and collared shirt. This is definitely not something a little girl would wear. Usually something simple, like a sweater or solid color dress, would also work well.

When rocking the headband, make sure not to go too matchy-matchy, or too over the top. Yes, Blair can pull it all off, but she is not real. You are.

Here are some great bow headband options. Click to learn more:

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bowhead.jpg fauxsuedeanimalprint.jpg silk_bow_headband.jpg

Headbands with a little glam are a great way to add something extra to your look. And there are so many ways to do it: you can pair them with something simple, like a black dress, or add even more glitz to an already awesome ensemble. You can wear one with your hair down, or throw it on over a messy-chic bun.

There are bedazzled headbands all over the place with everything from rhinestones to pearls to sparkles and so much more. These are some of my favorites:

prod_1068896_lg.gif 41nyojt78hl_aa260_.jpg 63326_200.jpg band6.jpg

For more cute headbands, check out Head Games Online – they have a ton of them, plus other super cute hair accessories.

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