Rock The Look: Stacked Bangles


One of the hottest accessories trends for spring is stacked bangles. This trend is not about subtlety, but about mixing bracelets together in a fun, unique way. You can try experimenting with different colors, shapes, prints, sizes and textures. Buy a set that’s already together or try and DIY with three or four you already have.

Here are some of our favorite sets. Just click on the picture to get more info (some that are shown together are actually sold individually):

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Bangles are now being shown with just about anything. Want to create your own chic-yet-inexpensive combo?

Mix at least three bangles together, said fashion stylist Dawn Del Russo. You can also add a cute charm bracelet or a funky watch into the mix, she added. But don’t wear stacks on both arms!

With this trend, pretty much anything goes: silver with gold, wood with metal or plastic, etc. So go crazy! Wear your bangles with a plain black or white tank top and jeans or a black dress. If you want a more colorful outfit, match your top or pants to one of the colors represented on your arm and keep the other items in your outfit neutral.

Just remember, bangles make a statement on their own, so keep the rest of your outfit simple for a classic, glam look. But feel free to pile on more jewelry – more is more in that category this spring. Just make sure the colors complement each other.

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