Sex and the City creator Candace Bushnell defends AnnaSophia Robb's TV role


The Carrie Bradshaw that millions of women think of when they hear the name is obviously Sarah Jessica Parker, the star of the original Sex and the City TV series and the subsequent two films.

But Parker hasn’t been overly kind to the CW’s newest incarnation, the pre-quel series The Carrie Diaries and its star AnnaSophia Robb. You would think she’d support the new show as it could create a whole new generation of SATC fans, but reportedly she called the show “odd.” I might think it was taken out of context, except for the fact that original series creator Candace Bushnell has lashed out at Parker for the comment. She points out that Parker’s first role was Annie on Broadway, certainly not a role she originated. So she should ostensibly have some respect for actors who take on iconic roles. 

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