Shoes to Wear To Class

Let’s face it: Those UGGs aren’t earning you any style points, but you wear them anyway because they are comfy and they match everything. There are other footwear choices out there that are wearable, warm, and WAY cuter.

Before temperatures get too low, wear a cute pair of flats with jeans or a skirt to school. If your flats give you blisters on the back of your heel, try inserting Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz, which keep your feet from slipping in and out of shoes. A single pack costs $6.95. Here are some fashionable flats that will get you out of that UGG rut this school year:
Another option is boots. Leather boots are stylish and comfortable for fall, but when it starts to rain or snow, you’ll need something waterproof (UGGs are not waterproof!). You can buy a leather protecting spray for your leather boots, or you could buy some cute snow boots!

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