Smells like One Direction


No, not 5 teenage boys on a bus, but fruity top notes, a heart of floral notes and a base formed from creamy musk, sheer woods, and white patchouli, apparently. This sounds terrible. I can barely understand when people go gaga over female celebrity fragrances, but okay, maybe you want the J. Lo lifestyle and a fragrance makes you feel like a part of that. But when male celebrities like Justin Beiber or One Direction make a women’s fragrance … I just don’t get it. It’s obviously not about fragrance or the scent in any way at all. For both the band and the fans it’s just about creating something else branded that tween girls can consume. Ca-ching! 

Disagree? Love celebrity fragrances? Think this one sounds awesome? Tell me in the comments. 
[Source; Image: PRPhotos]

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